Creating NEW content (new page or even a section on a page)

One of the most important tips is that when you are going to create any new content (page, news post, event) or even a section on the page… DUPLICATE something similar that already exists.

  • For a page you need to copy, go to a page that has similar content, click “Copy to a New Draft” at the top of the page and a clone of that page will be created.
  • For a section on the page, find a similar section, hover, click the “copy” icon, which looks like 2 pieces of paper. Make sure you copy the ENTIRE row, rather than just a module in a row, because if you copy the entire row, you will get the proper padding, margins and backgrounds of that row, which I have already set up.

Editing content on a page

  • Hover over the area that you want to edit. A small box will appear. Click on the pencil icon.
  • The content of that box will appear and allow you to edit. Click the blue “Save changes” button at the bottom of the box.
  • Click on the blue “Update” button on the right side of the page often to update any changes that you made. It’s easy to lose all of your edits if you forget to save the whole page.

Create an Event

To Add:

  • Log In and then hover over the Events link on the left side of the dashboard
  • Click on add new
  • Enter a title and add any information about the event below
  • Insert the time, date, location (optional), organization hosting (optional), website (optional), and cost (optional)  of the event below.
  • Set the featured image by scrolling down and clicking on “Featured Image” on the right side of the page. This will bring you to the media library.
  • Click the blue “Publish” button on the right top of the page.

For further help on the Events Calendar read more here